Location QR Code Generator

Nowadays, online map services like google and bing map replaced paper-made maps and became the first choice of travelers. But it can be inconvenient to someone who doesn't like typing manually on search engines. However, with the use of QR codes, there is no need for manual input and users can save it in image format on their digital devices.

Generating location QR Codes is now easy with myqrcodegenerator.net. It is a free and easy-to-use Location QR code generator that allows you to create a QR Code for online google maps to assist others in finding your destination with an easy scan.

Main Benefits of using location QR Code

When you sent a place name in text form, there are many possibilities that recipient will get a similar place name when searching on google or bing. For example, Washington is a common name in the United States and is assigned to 88 cities and towns. Place have same name creates lots of confusion and wastes precious time. But with a single scan of the QR code, it opens the exact place address.

Where can i use it?

Here are some examples where you need a map location-based QR Code.
  • An organizer or employer can use it to help attendees and participants for the event and office and other formal meetings.
  • Hotels and restaurants use QR Codes to promote their business and help their visitors and tourists to find their location.
  • Property owners or consultants can use it to attract potential buyers who are interested in the acquisition.
  • Religious Devotees can use it to help others in finding the house of worship near to them. E.g. churches, Temples, and mosques.
  • Local business owners can easily bring customers to their shops by using QR Code.
  • It is useful when you recently changed your home. You can share a QR Code with your friend and family to help them in finding your new resident
  • You can also use it on the invitation card to invite guests and relatives on special occasions or family events like wedding, funeral, etc

How to create a QR Code for any location?

I wrote two methods of creating QR codes for any location, first one is by using our website and the second by using google maps.
  1. First visit https://myqrcodegenerator.net/#location. Type the place, city, or state name in the search box or simply drag the pointer to the location on the map. If you know the exact Latitude and Longitude, you can also use them.create location qr code
  2. Google Map: To create a QR code for location in Google Maps.
    • Open https://maps.google.com/ in the browser or app on mobile devices.
    • Enter the place name in the search box.
    • Select the correct option from the list and press the share button.
    • Copy the shortened link, and open the myqrcodegenerator.net website in your web browser.
    • Paste the google map link in the box & your QR Code is ready to use.
    • You can also make QR Code for bing and apple maps using above method, but required location link.