QR Code Generator For Phone Number

In today's world, everyone owns a contact number because it is one of the easiest ways to communicate with others. Sharing contact numbers with anyone can be difficult if using traditional ways like writing mobile or phone numbers on a piece of paper etc. A QR code can help you to solve this issue, read this article to get full information about it

What is a contact number QR code and How it works?

A QR code is an encrypted matrix barcode that stores information in it and only shows when gets scanned. When a generated QR code gets scanned by a device, it immediately reveals the contact number stored in it. You have the option of either saving it or starting a call

How to create QR Code for phone number

Follow these steps to create a QR Code for any phone number.
  • Open this link https://myqrcodegenerator.net/#tel on any web browser in your phone or personal computer.
  • First, you need to click Under the country code box and you will see a list of countries starting from the English alphabet "A" and their code with a plus (+) sign.
  • After choosing a country you need to enter your contact number.
  • Make sure to check the information country code and phone number carefully.
  • Press the Save button and download the QR code in SNG, PNG or PDF file format.

Major Benefit and Use-cases

  • Prevent Manual Typing Errors - Since you will get the same phone number when you scan QR Code, there is no circumstance for errors. You can also save anyone to type manually phone number in contacts.
  • In Emergency - Everybody knows that in case of an emergency every second is important. Delays in calling emergency services like police, ambulance, or fire can cause serious injuries, loss of life, or proprietary damage) to anyone. Generate a phone QR code and paste it onto the wall of your home, workplace, or any public place that helps call emergency services quickly when needed.
  • Customer Care - Running a business is considered unsuccessful if the customer is unsatisfied. Resolving customer's issues by listening to complaints or queries is a great option. A QR code will provide the customer care executive number instantly when scanned, which will increase value and trust for the business.
  • Inside Elevators - Stuck in the the elevator is one of worst scary experience for anyone. Providing elevator technician or maintenance department QR code mobile number will helpful in escape instantly
  • On a four-wheeled vehicle - Leaving your motor vehicle in parking for a long period can cause inconvenience to others. Pasting a Contact Number QR Code on a vehicle's mirror useful for others in need of communication or emergency.