Make QR Code For WiFi

Looking for the easiest way to share your WiFi details with dear ones? then WiFi QR Code is the answer. Read this whole article to know more about it.

What is WiFi?

WiFi is one of the most famous wireless network technology used by many digital devices to connect with the internet. Most people use WiFi in their homes, work, or places like cafes.

Why do you need QR Code For WiFi?

To join WiFi first, you need to select the network from the list and then manually add the password. But, when you scan a WiFi QR code it will connect you to the WiFi network instantly without the need to enter any details.

How do I find the QR code for a Wi-Fi network?

Lots of new mobiles, pc, and laptop manufacturers provide features of inbuilt QR Code. To get it you need to go to settings of wifi, then connect with the network and after that click on it and that it will show you option of QR Code.

How do I create a QR code for my Wi-Fi?

There are many ways to create a WiFi QR Code, the simple one is using our web tool. Our Free WiFi QR Code Generator helps everyone in making QR codes for Wifi in just a few clicks. Enter WiFi credentials and download the image or print it on paper.

Follow these steps to make your own WiFi QR Code Make QR Code For WiFi
  • Visit
  • Under the "Network name" fill in the exact router name. Tick the "hidden" checkbox if the network is hidden.
  • Choose the right encryption through the dropdown list "WEP, WPA/WPA2/No Encryption" and type the password.
  • Save and download the QR code for use.

You can also add your favorite color, choose various patterns, logos or watermarks, or structures and adjust the size according to your needs or requirements.

Benefits of using WiFi QR Codes

  • Visitor and Guest: In a family event or special occasion friends and family members need to access WiFi to play music, suffer internet, etc. It is difficult for them to ask you, everyone, for the password to connect WiFi network. With Wifi QR Code, they can join instantly with a simple scan.
  • Hospitality: Lots of tourists pick those hotels, holiday homes, and apartment rentals that provide WiFi facilities. Providing QR codes in their room will add pleasant experiences and convenience to your guest.
  • Restaurant & Cafe: These places are used by students and office workers for chit-chatting, causal meetings, and work conferences. Quite often they ask for WiFi passwords from front desk executives. But it would be better to display a QR Code so they can connect to WiFi easily.
  • Library: Asking for WiFi password is against the strict rule of silence in every library. But sometimes a person needs to use internet for study and research. Providing WiFi QR code to the everyone help them to connect with WiFi without ask authorities or librarian.
  • Health Clinic and Hospital: No one likes to visit these places but for health, patient and their relatives need to stay long periods in a waiting room. Management can display QR Codes in the waiting room, to help them connect with the internet and distract them from anxiety and stress.

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